30 Miles is 30 Days

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November is here and you know what that means.

7 weeks left until Christmas!

This is the first month in a while that I have nothing in my training calender so when I came across Skinny Chick Blog Runvember Challenge I quickly signed up. You can sign up and follow the challenge here.

It’s simple, Thirty miles in 30 days. Or 48 kilometers for those of us using the metric system, 1.6km a day for 30 days. Easy-peasy, mac n cheesy!

“Our goal is to encourage those who are interested in trying the uber cool sport of running {welcome to the dark side muhahaha!} or maybe you took some time off and want to get back into running.  Don’t you worry, all levels are invited as well!” – Skinny Girl Blog 

Quick, go join now. Your body will thank you!

I will be logging and blogging about my daily mileage and if you’re a blogger I’d love to follow along with your Thirty in 30. If you’re not a blogger and still want to challenge yourself leave me a comment about, let me know how it’s going and let  Skinny Girl Blog know too!

Walk it, run it, do it. It really is that simple.



Meet Anita

I am a wife to a retired Army Captain and present day shepherd, a mother to two Big's (20 & 19) and one Little (6) and new to running at the age of 42. I am hopelessly addicted to Starbucks Peppermint Mocha's. My family thinks I am crazy. The voices in my head say they may be right.

10 Thoughts on “30 Miles is 30 Days

  1. Thanks! I just finished a running challenge in October, and was wondering how I was going to motivate myself to get my butt out and running in November. I’m joining!!

  2. Wahoo!! I am loving your excitement over the challenge. You will rock it girl!
    Thanks for the link love.

  3. This is amazing, I think I will look at joining this too. What a great way to stay motivated through the month! :)

    • My training is done and my calendar clear until the new year and I thought the same thing Laura. Thanks for stopping by. 😀

  4. Oh how cool! I was looking for a November Challenge that was not thousands of squats. I love this!

  5. A very cool way to keep ourselves motivated during a great month for running!
    I will definitely be getting in 30 this month (will be getting in over 30 this week) in training for my first 24 Hour Race at the end of December.
    My training is really getting into the tough phase for about 5 weeks.
    Congrats on acepting the challenge and lover your blog!
    Found you on Friday Linkup and I look forward to delving in further!


    • 24 hour race … WOW! Is it a relay or are you running for the full 24 hours? Heading over to your log to check out your training. Thanks for stopping by Chris 😀

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