Eleven Weeks Until Spring

Monday evenings Little has gymnastics on the mainland. Getting there and back is pretty easy, quick 20 minute ferry crossing and a 15 minute drive to the club. Little and I have turned Monday nights into a date night. We grab dinner in town and spend our time in the car talking about anything and everything.  Little let me know if he ever has 1 million dollars he will be buying a gold toilet because that’s what all the people with 1 million dollars do, they buy gold toilets.

This past Monday evening started as usual but by the time we left the club at 7:30pm high winds and blowing snow made the 15 minute drive back to the ferry dock difficult. So difficult that it took me 40 minutes to get there, passing several cars that were stuck in the ditches along the way. At one point I was driving 10km/hr and an asshat thought it would be a good idea to pass me on the right when I slowed down for an accident. I muttered something very unpleasant and flipped him off while wearing mittens (not very effective) only to be chastised by my 6-year-old. I later saw that same asshat in the ditch. Heh, looks good on you. Idiot!

When we finally made it to the ferry dock, in time for the 8:30 boat, there was no ferry waiting for us. After chatting with some of the other Island folks waiting and making a few calls we found out the ferry had been docked on the Island side due to the high winds and lack of visibility. The expected delay was going to be 3-4 hours.

3 – 4 HOURS

It was now 9:15 pm. I made a quick call to the Mister to let him know about the delay and tell him we would be bunking down in a hotel for the night. I made my way towards the Hampton Inn in Napanee and stopped into the Metro to grab some snacks, toothpaste and toothbrushes for Little and myself. Little found this all very exciting and kept telling the Metro staff that we were stranded because our ferry had been docked and couldn’t get home so we were having a Mainland Sleep-Over. Little is usually quiet around people he doesn’t know and requires some prompting most days but Monday night he was talking to anyone and everyone that would listen.

We made it to the hotel around 10 pm and I wasn’t the only one checking into the hotel for the night due to the storm. The only rooms available had two queen beds and because of our circumstances the lovely woman checking us in gave me a discount on the room. Even with the discount I ended up paying $125+ tax. Ouch! But we were off the roads, safe and warm.

To say Little was very excited about our Sleep-Over Date on the mainland in a warm and comfy hotel would be an understatement. He wanted to watch the TV and bounce on the very bouncy beds. I called Mister to let him know we were safe and warm, Little had to tell him we had TWO beds and EIGHT pillows!

We snuggled in the bouncy bed with the EIGHT pillows and watched a little TV. At 11 pm Little was past being tired, I was exhausted so we turned off the TV and the lights. I slept very little and I had to be up for 5:30 am to catch the 6:30 boat back to the Island to take our dog into the vet for 9 am.

I have been working on a post, hoping to have it up yesterday, but to say I was tired would be an understatement so I will save it for another day. I had to go back and forth between the Island and the Mainland no less than 3 times and while the blowing snow and low visibility were no longer an issue we had windchill warnings of -45C throughout the region meaning that exposed skin would freeze in less than 5 minutes. I singlehandedly kept the Tim Horton’s on Collin’s Bay Drive in business. I just hope they didn’t think I was there to rob them when I showed up in the Drive-Thru looking like this …


Hand over an Extra Large coffee with 3 cream and no one gets hurt!


How was your Tuesday? Keeping warm?

Have you been stranded due to weather before? Tell me about it.

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I am a wife to a retired Army Captain and present day shepherd, a mother to two Big's (20 & 19) and one Little (6) and new to running at the age of 42. I am hopelessly addicted to Starbucks Peppermint Mocha's. My family thinks I am crazy. The voices in my head say they may be right.

16 Thoughts on “Eleven Weeks Until Spring

  1. I have had enough of the snow. First I have to run/drive/deal with it myself. Then I have to talk about it all day at work. (Budgeting time at the city). Then I have to write about how it is affecting our city!! Ugh! yes I am definitely ready for spring!

    No I have never been stranded because of the snow. Unless your car not starting in your parking lot counts :)
    Crystal recently posted…Failure to Write: No 2014 Race CalendarMy Profile

    • If Red Deer is anything like Edmonton was for snow removal budgeting I feel sorry for you. Here’s hoping that groundhog doesn’t see his shadow on February 2nd. :)

  2. I’m so sorry to hear you got stuck there and it must have been really scary on those roads, but it sounds like a wonderful adventure and story for the future with you and your little!! It’s memories like those that you will always remember!
    Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles recently posted…My favorite morning hangoutMy Profile

    • Little is still talking about our Mainland sleepover and wants to know when we can do it again. Here’s hoping never!

  3. No, I am NOT keeping warm. I am pretty sure I live in the arctic tundra!
    Ashley recently posted…Typical Tuesday- How I had so much to do, and managed to…My Profile

    • I hear you Ashley, time to banish the cold with a trip someplace warm and sunny with tropical drinks brought to us while we lounge by the ocean.

  4. LOL! I am glad you found a way to make your situation fun, could have been worse and been in the ditch too. So glad you both were safe. I can actually imagine you flipping asshat off with your mittens, too funny!
    Hollie recently posted…Gym Bag Must Haves!My Profile

  5. Although I’m sure that was somewhat inconvenient it sounds like so much fun. I’m sure you little had a blast. It was feeding cold here yesterday but still sunny. Never been stranded before really. Snowed in but I wouldn’t really call that stranded. Hope it was better weather today.
    Lacy @ Running Limitless recently posted…We {Run} This Wedding Wednesday – 2014 Bridal Show & Cold Weather FUN!My Profile

    • I think as parents we try to take a crappy situation and make it fun for the kids as best we can. No sense in everyone being miserable. We were warm and safe, that’s all that mattered to me :)

  6. What a story!! I can’t even imagine driving in such crazy conditions!! I love the fact that you guys got to spend time and hang out in a double room. Thank goodness both of you were safe! 11 weeks till spring. I am going to keep repeating that to myself :)
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…Weekly Wednesday Workout: Single Leg Hip LiftsMy Profile

    • Since last Monday we have had rain and mild weather, it’s like that crazy cold didn’t happen at all and all of the snow is melting. 10 weeks until Spring now. :)

  7. So glad you are safe — you made it fun. Great mom 😉
    Courtney recently posted…My One WordMy Profile

  8. Oh no!! I’m sorry you guys got stranded, but at least you had a nice warm hotel and were in the best company. :) Like you, I cannot WAIT for spring to get here.

    I have been stranded once because of weather, but it was in the car. I was driving with a friend from Florida to Maryland and there was a terrible snow/ice storm. They closed part of the highway. We were stranded on the highway in Virginia not moving at all for nearly 8 hours. It was terrible to say the least.
    Salt recently posted…Good Luck, Disney Runners! {I wish I was there!}My Profile

    • I couldn’t begin to imagine what it would be like to be stranded on the highway for 8 hours riding out a storm. Did they have service vehicles making sure people were warm?

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