Day 5 ATB Training – Muddy Morning Run

Day 5 of Around the Bay training called for a 6k run today. The weather was grey and drizzling with some wind thrown in for good measure AND I had not gone for a poop so I hit the treadmill hoping a kilometer or two might kick the colon into gear. No one wants to be out and about when nature calls.

Treadmill warm-up got things moving around  the 1.5k mark. The OCD in me could not stop until I had hit a round number so after “taking care of business” I finished 2k on the hamster wheel. The rain had stopped and winds had died down … time to take the run outside.

Our little Island has some paved roads but for the most part the roads are packed dirt. The route I was heading out on had me heading up one of the dirt roads and I knew it would be rutty and muddy so I stayed to the side of the road facing what little traffic there would be.

Following Yuri’s advice for winter running I headed into the wind for the first 2k. This route would take me uphill for 1.5k of it so I knew it would be a struggle to keep my pace at 7min/km or less. The first kilometer had me at an average pace of 7:34/km and the second had me averaging 8:01/km, exactly what I had expected but disappointing nonetheless.

Around 1.75 km in I could hear gunshots to my right and thought WTF!!!

Side note: Deer hunting season is on and I had forgotten about this important piece of information when I headed out in my black pants and shirt along with my headphones. However I did leave my running antlers at home. Safety first folks!

Not wanting to have my head stuffed and mounted above someones fireplace I turned back heading downhill with the wind at my back. This along with thoughts of being mistaken for Bambi’s mother had me pushing the pace harder. I could hear a vehicle coming up from behind and moved over to the side of the road. *I could hear the driver slow down for a moment then pick up speed. This guy hit EVERY rutty puddle he could find between us, spraying me with cold, wet and muddy water and then drove off.


Hey Internet, sorry you had to see a picture of my ass.

I may have called him some bad names that rhyme with Bucking Sashhole. Maybe.

Wet and muddy I headed towards home and a paved road. The third kilometer had me at an average pace of 6:33 and I finished the fourth kilometer at 6:21.


Four kilometers done with an average pace of 7:07. I should have someone shoot at me more often.

*(everyone here on the Island is considerate of runners/walkers/cyclists … this guy could not have been a local and I hope Santa stuffs his stocking with a cow patty)


What was your scariest outdoor run? Have you heard gunshots and thought WTF?

Are you doing any winter training? What race/races are you training for?


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I am a wife to a retired Army Captain and present day shepherd, a mother to two Big's (20 & 19) and one Little (6) and new to running at the age of 42. I am hopelessly addicted to Starbucks Peppermint Mocha's. My family thinks I am crazy. The voices in my head say they may be right.

12 Thoughts on “Day 5 ATB Training – Muddy Morning Run

  1. Wow, you are speedy!! I definitely worry about hunting season as well, now that we have moved out of the city. Be safe out there! I will be training through the winter this year, I am running Boston in April!

    • Oh I’m not speedy, my mileage is in kilometers so it would work out to 11:30/mile. Boston! Mister is hoping to qualify at the Ottawa race in May for 2015, I don’t think I would ever qualify … even when I’m 70.

  2. I have those same shoes and same color style! Great job on your run today!
    Caroline Thomas recently posted…2014 Nike Women’s Half Marathon Meetup & Training Group #werundc #rundcMy Profile

  3. GUNSHOTS!? WTF!!! I’ve definitely heard them but never when I’m out running! That is a fantastic time, my friend! I’m glad you made it through your run safely. :)
    My scariest run was a 10K down in the city. A homeless guy was trying to hit us with a big stick. It was NOT OKAY!
    Salt recently posted…#RWRUNSTREAK: Holiday Run Streak Update!My Profile

  4. I’m honoured that you followed some of my advice! :-) I hoped it made some of your run a bit more comfortable. I haven;t heard any gunshots during a run, although they would certainly perk me up! I’m currently training for the First Half 1/2. Marathon in Vancouver on Feb 16th.
    Yuri in a Hurry recently posted…Insane Bolt [Video]My Profile

  5. Ok…I am sitting in my office laughing out loud at the “stocking full of cow patty” comment. I have survived a fair number of car shots, myself. I honestly think that some of these people aim. As for hunting season, thanks for the reminder. I need to keep that in mind along some of the routes that I run.
    Theresa recently posted…Three Things Thursday #2My Profile

  6. My husband is a hunter so I”m always aware of when and where not to run. That being said, we have a cabin in rural Florida and the hubs likes to go there to hunt and shoot. It’s located in ‘close to Disney, but not found on any map’ and I am sometimes forced to run there because the nearest actual road is half an hour away. You haven’t lived until you’ve ran behind a mud truck full of rednecks drinking pabst blue ribbon hurling mud pies at you. Seriously, it’s an experience!
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    • Your comment had me literally laughing out loud. We have our fair share of rednecks here on the Island but they would never attempt something like that!

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