Good Neighbours and A Kidnapped Santa

I heard a strange scraping sound outside my front door yesterday and when I went to investigate I saw this:

goodneighboursOne of my neighbours, whom I have yet to meet, came by with his tractor and cleared out my driveway. Another reason I love living on this tiny Island … great neighbours helping one another.


Yesterday  I put on a real bra, did my hair, threw on some clothes that did not include Dri-Fit or spandex and headed up to our little school on the Island for a full turkey dinner and a Christmas play put on by all 29 students. This was the first year the school had put on a complete play instead of small skits and songs; the kids did an amazing job and the dinner volunteers outdid themselves.

dinnerandaplayI had not eaten a proper meal in almost two days and I was a little concerned about putting anything in my tummy, but the smell of roasted turkey with all the fixings had me drooling. I loaded up my plate, hoping the bugs in my tummy had made their exit and tucked in. I had not realized how hungry I was until I took that first bite.

notaturkeydinnerOnce dinner was finished the stage was set, lights were turned down low and  we were treated to one of the best Christmas plays I have ever seen.

A Kidnapped Santa

charactersSanta and his Elves are busy in the workshop unaware the Cave Demons are plotting against them. The Demons; Selfishness, Envy, Malice and Regret are unhappy little creatures and want every child who believes in the magic of Santa to be unhappy too. The Demons come up with a plan to kidnap Santa after their attempts to turn him into an unhappy soul don’t work.

santahasbeencaughtThe Elves realize their beloved Santa has been kidnapped while delivering gifts on Christmas Eve and do not want the children who believe to be disappointed. The Elves take it upon themselves to deliver the rest of the gifts with a few mix-ups. Once back at the North Pole the Elves seek help from the Fairy Queen and her Wildflowers.

flowerqueenBack at the cave Regret is having regrets about kidnapping Santa and set’s him free.

regretsavesthedaySanta heads home, the Elves are happy to see him. Christmas has been saved.

The End


demonbestfriendsBest Friends


Did you have Christmas plays at school when you were little? What was your favorite part to play? 

Tomorrow I will be Vlogging answers to your questions and I will also be announcing my very first Give-Away! 

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6 Thoughts on “Good Neighbours and A Kidnapped Santa

  1. We didn’t have Christmas plays when I was younger, bummer! That would have been fun. We just had Christmas orchestra concerts and I wasn’t in orchestra so I didn’t get to participate in that either..However, I did participate in the Christmas parties we had in our classrooms that resulted in me coming home in a sugar coma and my mom being given some very “creative” christmas ornaments ;).

  2. I had never been in a Christmas play. It was always just singing Christmas songs. Still fun though.
    David @ Captain Speedypants recently posted…Dang HolidaysMy Profile

  3. What a great plot for a play! How interesting that Santa was the one kidnapped! I love the pictures and the face paint and the costumes :) I never did a play really, just singing a lot of christmas carols in a play type format. I still remember pa rum pa pum pum. (Little Drummer Boy lol)
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…FFCI: New Motivation & Fitting In Workouts Despite the Holiday CrazyMy Profile

    • We sang and did small skits too, nothing like this play. The kids started getting ready for it right after Remembrance Day and the rehearsals show! They did such an amazing job and everyone had a part in the play. I can’t wait to see what they do next year!

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