It’s Wed-NES-day!

Happy Wednesday! Am I the only person who thinks Wednesday is a weird word? I sound it out in my head Wed-Nes-Day when typing it to avoid the red squiggly SpellCheck lines.


30-miles 30-days resizeMiles Logged – 10 (16 kilometers)


The Runvember Challenge is still on and it’s not too late to sign up. Head on over and start logging those miles!


15 minutes before heading out the door for Sunday’s race I noticed a large, brown lump on our St. Bernard’s head and thinking it might be a tick I called the Mister down to take a look at it. The following conversation is a re-enactment based on my memory of the the events and according to the Mister may not be entirely accurate.

Me: I think Porter has a tick on her head.

Mister: A what?

Me: A tick, on her head.

Mister: What do you mean a tick on her head?

Me: Just what I said … a tick. I’m going to Google it.

Mister: It looks like a weird lump to me.

Me: I think it’s a tick.

Mister: What do you want me to do about it? We have to leave soon.

Me: Do you see a head on it?

Mister: No, it looks like a black lump, no head.

Me: Google says we should save the tick in case she gets sick. The vet can test it for diseases.

Mister: Still looks like a lump to me. If it is a tick it will fall off on it’s own. Come on, we have to go.

When we arrive home later that afternoon Little tells us the lump has fallen off of Porter’s head and is somewhere in the house but he’s not sure where it may be. I spend the next hour looking for it while furiously scratching at my body. The thought of this thing hanging out in the house waiting to latch on to one of us gives me the itchy’s. I notice Stella the Border Collie is rolling something around in her mouth and tell her to drop it. Out rolls the tick. A GIANT tick.


I now have a GIANT tick in a container sitting on my window sill and Little would like to keep it for a pet. I can’t stop searching my body for ticks and scratching.


I have taken a couple of days off from running. Sunday’s race aggravated my left knee, the one with the meniscus repair, and it has swollen to epic proportions. Ice and Ibuprofen for a few days and I’ll hit the road on Friday to test it out.

kneesLike the Misters wool sock I keep stealing? I know you’re jelly.


Have you encountered ticks on your pets? On yourself?

How is your Wed-NES-day going? Anything special planned?

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I am a wife to a retired Army Captain and present day shepherd, a mother to two Big's (20 & 19) and one Little (6) and new to running at the age of 42. I am hopelessly addicted to Starbucks Peppermint Mocha's. My family thinks I am crazy. The voices in my head say they may be right.

6 Thoughts on “It’s Wed-NES-day!

  1. Oh gosh that is not good at all, good that the tic came off and that you found it. The pic gives me the heeby jeebies!

    Not good about your knee but good you are doing the right thing and resting it up.

    • The knee is doing much better, swelling is down today and I am looking forward to getting my run on tomorrow. I’m still itchy and have become obsessed with searching the dogs for ticks when them come inside.

  2. Oh I HATE ticks!! Being a dog person and having a dog all of my life, I’m definitely no stranger to those nasty little buggers. They can get pretty bad around here too. I’ve found one or two on my before in my lifetime. And now that I have TWO dogs, that’s twice the risk! So glad you found that thing and it’s not lost somewhere in the house! Eek!

    • We have three dogs and live in a rural area so tick hunting has become part of my daily routine but just because it’s a routine doesn’t make it any easier! I think I will ALWAYS get the itchy’s when looking them over. 😀 Thanks for stopping by Maria.

  3. Omgsh I HATE ticks!! We encountered them a lot in the midwest.. where we lived was somewhat woodsy and we had a creek right behind our house. I’ve had them on myself and on my dog and they are not fun. Ugh..

    I wish I would’ve seen the Runvember Challenge before, this looks great!
    Shelley recently posted…Weekend Getaway And A Couple Long RunsMy Profile

    • I can’t imagine having a tick on me, just having them on the dogs give me the heeby-jeebies! It’s a great challenge and not too late to sign up for Runvember, we still have 16 days left!

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