Re-Evaluating and MIMM #10


Welcome back to another Marvelous in My Monday hosted by the lovely Healthy Diva Eats.

Marvelous is – All of your comments on Friday that helped bring me out of my funk. I love our online community and the support we give to one another. I hit the treadmill for that 10k and enjoyed every minute of it. OK, maybe not every minute but you get the idea. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will be replying to each and every comment shortly.

Dunwaetin ThankYou

Marvelous is – Orange is the New Black on Netflix. How did I not know about this show? It’s BRILLIANT and if you’re not watching it you should be. I have binge watched the entire first season and finished watching the last two episodes today during my 2 hour run on the treadmill. Now I need a new series to watch while I wait for Season 2 to come out in the spring … suggestions?

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Marvelous is – Realizing I can not keep up with blogging 5 days a week when I am training and allowing myself to take a step back to re-evaluate when my priorities are now. I love being here and throwing my voice onto the page, so to speak, but I can’t keep up with a 5 day a week blog schedule and train for Around The Bay so I will be cutting back my posting to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the time being. However I do reserve the right to blog outside of those days if something SUPER EXCITING happens. :)

Marvelous is – LSR’s on the treadmill to test my endurance and fueling. I ran for 2 hours this morning and it was  Marvelous. I bought some GU Salted Caramel recently because I had read so many rave reviews about the flavor and they were right, this stuff is DELICIOUS! Unfortunately for me I did not read the label very well and only noticed after I have savored it’s salty sweetness it had caffeine in it. Caffeine, long runs and my tummy don’t play well together and I spent the last 30 minutes of my run today running to the potty. Not sure what I’m going to do with the 3 I have left.

Dunwaetin GU SCSource

Marvelous is – Realizing my treadmill needed to be re-calibrated for the incline. I noticed the treadmill looked a bit off this morning and checked the incline. The display showed 0% so I took it up to 2% to see if I could notice a difference and there wasn’t any. After checking underneath to be sure there wasn’t any stray shoes, boots, etc hanging out I took it down to 0% again and it flattened out. I felt like I have been running uphill for the past few days and it turns out I have been … how’s that for hill training?

Marvelous is – A Review coming on Wednesday along with another Review and Give-Away coming up next week.


Tell me about your marvelous weekend. What did you do?

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I am a wife to a retired Army Captain and present day shepherd, a mother to two Big's (20 & 19) and one Little (6) and new to running at the age of 42. I am hopelessly addicted to Starbucks Peppermint Mocha's. My family thinks I am crazy. The voices in my head say they may be right.

10 Thoughts on “Re-Evaluating and MIMM #10

  1. Oh no! I heard such good things about salted caramel!! :-(
    Ashley recently posted…Pretending I am back on my honeymoon- a smoothie snack !My Profile

    • It may be fine for you Ashley and it really is that good. Caffeine and I do not get along during a run (anything with caffeine: Nuun, GU, etc) but if I could get this without the caffeine I would be all over it. That’s why I don’t mind testing things out on a long run on the treadmill, washroom is rather handy as opposed to being out :)

  2. I am going to check out the recommended show, I have been searching for something good to get into. I know you well enough that your are all about organization and balance so I am glad to hear that you are continuing your fabulous blog yet making time to reach your goals <3

    I am always rooting for you! Go girl!
    Hollie recently posted…Empower A Fit MindMy Profile

  3. Oh no!! I’m sorry about the Gu episode!! (That one is my favorite, but I have a stomach of steel.)

    Great job on your 10k too! I’ve heard great things about Orange is the New Black but haven’t watched it yet. Have you seen the Following? That’s my favorite show and the new season is about to start up again this week I think. It’s kind of morbid so I don’t know if you’re into that sort of thing, but it’s a really great show!
    Salt recently posted…Salt’s Streak Day 50 Celebration! {Bondi Band Giveaway!}My Profile

    • I should know better and pay attention to the labels. I grabbed some Nuun one day and didn’t notice it was caffeinated … that’s how I figured out caffeine isn’t my friend when running. If I could get the Salted Caramel without caffeine I would be loading up a cart! It’s so yummy.

      I’ll check out The Following, thanks. That’s the one with Kevin Bacon in it right?

  4. Well done on the 10K! Sorry to hear you had a downer moment last week but glad the community helped to pick you back up!!

    I missed you too lady! A very belated Happy New Year! Better late than never :)

    With the blogging schedule you definitely have to do what is right for your schedule and what works with your training. Selfishly I’ll be bummed you won’t be around all the time for Trial Tuesdays 😉 hehe
    Jan @ Sprouts n Squats recently posted…Let’s talk turkey…My Profile

  5. A great round up! I must admit that I love OITNB (guilty pleasure) and GU slated caramel (haven’t had GI issues… fingers crossed). I support your decision to cut your posting to 3 days a week. Sometimes ‘feeding the beast’ can become overwhelming.
    Yuri in a Hurry recently posted…6 Tips for New RunnersMy Profile

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