The Thank You Experiment

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends and readers. 


In my past life I was a Call Centre Team Leader responsible for supervising, developing, leading, coaching and mentoring a team of 25 Customer Service Representatives. I loved my job and like to think I was pretty good at it. I miss my team and even thought we keep in touch with Bacefook it’s just not the same as seeing them every day.

Part of my job also meant I needed to take calls from people who had asked to speak with a supervisor or manager. Some days those calls were genuine grievances and we would do our very best to come up with a solution that helped the customer. Some days the calls were just people being assholes.

Yup, I said it … assholes. Have you been one of those assholes? 

It’s one thing to be upset however being upset does not give anyone the right to spew horrible names at  the person taking the call. I have been called some nasty names, threatened, screamed at in a voice only dogs could hear. I could take someone’s swearing out of frustration but I would not tolerate someone swearing AT me or the agents on my team. When the caller became personal with their comments that’s where I would draw the line and the call either calmed down or ended quickly.

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There were also callers who wanted to pass along their Thank You’s for service they felt went above and beyond. We called this a Kudo’s Call and they were my favorite kind of Supervisor Call to take. The Sup Call/Kudos Call ratio was 20-1. This was disappointing for me because I knew the agents on my team were always going above and beyond but did it in a way that the caller had no idea they just received exceptional service. It also made me realize how often we do not take time to say Thank You for good service we receive.

My beautiful friend Kim over at She is Fierce wrote about The Thank You Experiment on her blog yesterday and it struck a chord with me.

How often do we go our of our way to appreciate their work?  Talk to a supervisor just to say ‘that staff member offered great service’?  Fill out a comment card that says ‘everything was amazing, thank you’? – Kim

Please take a moment during your busy day to say Thank You to someone and let Kim know. There’s a Starbucks in it for one lucky Giver of Gratitude!


Everyone has a BAD service story to share but when was the last time you had good service? Did you share that with anyone?

Have you asked to speak with a manager or supervisor to pass on a Thank You for exceptional service?

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10 Thoughts on “The Thank You Experiment

  1. I make it a habit of letting staff know when I appreciate their service, and try and talk with their manager whenever the service is exceptional. I host a lot of Meet-ups and know how difficult they can be to serve, so I try and be as grateful as possible.

    As an aside, your mention of assholes reminded me of this blog post the came across this week that conencts back to the running world:
    Yuri in a Hurry recently posted…Happy Thanksgiving!My Profile

    • Thanks for sharing the link, I needed a laugh 😀

      I’ve met some fast-holes since I started running but for the most part everyone seems genuinely happy for one another and that makes the fast-holes almost bearable. Happy Thursday :)
      anita recently posted…The Thank You ExperimentMy Profile

  2. Love this!! Early on in my career I used to work at call centres and the number of complaints we would get was crazy. Now when someone gives me good service I always make it a point to speak to their supervisor to give them a compliment or pass on my thanks as doing so can mean so much to that person and I think it is so important to call out not just bad service but good service too.

    Great post!

    Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving.
    Jan @ Sprouts n Squats recently posted…Friday FavouritesMy Profile

    • Working in a call centre is tough! I think everyone should have to work in the service industry for one week, it would give them a new perspective and hopefully an appreciation for how hard the work is.

  3. Having worked in retail and sales in the past this makes a great deal of sense to me. I make it a point to regularly acknowledge a job well done and/or show my appreciation for good service. I think a little gratitude can go a long way.
    Theresa recently posted…Three Things Thursday – The Thanksgiving AdditionMy Profile

  4. Since spending eleven years in this field, I could not agree more! I do take the time to thank others for doing their job exceptionally well and this applies to all customer service skills in any field. Having the experience I do now, mastering the phone for 5 years outbound and in, I am more patient, understanding and knowledgeable of how stressful their days can be. Just acknowledging someone for being a good human being, doing their job with skill and making your day better, in turn makes theirs! Spread the smiles and thank someone for a job well done!

  5. This is a good reminder, both for phone calls and when at a store or restaurant. I feel like people who have never worked a service job just don’t know what it involves and are naturally more likely to be jerks.
    Mary @ Fit and Fed recently posted…Maple Roasted Brussels SproutsMy Profile

    • I couldn’t agree more Mary and think it should be mandatory for everyone to work in the service industry for at least a week to understand what it’s really like. Thanks for stopping by :)

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