This Post is Brought to You by Bullet Point

It’s been a month since my last post and so much has been going on in my Dunwaetin Life that I thought it would be best for me to break it all down for you in bullet points … who doesn’t love a bullet point

  • Thank you! Thank you for your patience, your kind words of support while I worked through a tough winter. I will always be grateful for this blogging and running community. You folks really are the cats meow!

Ginger domestic kitten (Felis catus) rolling on back playing

  • I have started my Personal Trainer certification. I spent two weekends in Ottawa completing the in-class portion of my training. I was hanging out with one of my favorite people, Hollie. My theory exam is in three weeks followed by a practical exam two weeks later.
  • Going back to school in your 40’s is tough! I blame peri-menopause for my lack of concentration. And the hot flashes. I thought I got a good sweat going with Fartleks and x400’s but it doesn’t compare to a hot flash. I may have stripped down to my knickers on more than one occasion while standing in front of the open refrigerator just to get some relief.


  • Our snow is GONE! There is still ice on the lake but the SNOW IS GONE! We have had some incredible days filled with sunshine and warn breezes. Running on roads that are not covered with ice, snow or slush is AWESOME!
  • Half-marathon training is going really well. I have found my running mojo and actually look forward to my long runs on the weekend.
  • Mizuno Wave Hitogami’s followed me home. I happened to be downtown a couple of weeks ago and dropped into Runner’s Choice to check out what was new and tried on the Hitogami. The hot pink ones followed me home (there was no other colour choice in my local running store) and we have got to know one another for the past 14 days. I love how light they are, the minimal drop and the lock-down support the give me. I did end up with a hot spot on my right foot during a long run due to some heel slippage but that was quickly fixed by lacing up to the top hole to snug up the heel. I also really like that the laces they provided for the Hitogami were long enough for me to use that upper hole and still be able to double tie my laces. And they make my ass look fast … at least I’d like to think they do.



  • We bought a house on the Island. Our close date for the new house is one day AFTER I run my first half-marathon and Mister runs his first marathon. It’s OK to call us Dumb-Asses but if you do you are required to come and help us move. The house requires some renovations to get it to where we need it to be functional for our family and we will be living in the house while the reno’s are been completed. Mister and I will be taking on most of the renovations ourselves and will be sharing some of the chaos here. Don’t worry, this blog won’t turn into YHL because let’s face it the Mister and I are not young however is available … hmmmmm.
  • I have two races this month. Limestone Race Weekend is this month and I have signed up for the 10k on the 26th and the 5k on the 27th. Mister is using the half-marathon on the 27th as a training run for his marathon.
  • I will be returning to the race that made me a runner. The KRISTA JOHNSON MEMORIAL “Run for Change” is in its 4th year and I am thrilled to be running it again this year. Krista was an avid runner and cyclist who was tragically killed by a motorist while she was cycling home one evening. You can read her story here. My time for the 5k last year was 42:51. I’ll be running the 5k again and I’m hoping to break the 30 minute mark this year.
  • I’ll be back to regular posting starting next week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s. I missed being here and I missed all of you too. :) I have given some thought to what I want my blog to be and what direction I want it to go in. So much has changed since I began blogging back in 2006. More thoughts on that to come.


What was your first race? Do you go back to it every year?

Have you bought any new shoes lately? Tell me about them!

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I am a wife to a retired Army Captain and present day shepherd, a mother to two Big's (20 & 19) and one Little (6) and new to running at the age of 42. I am hopelessly addicted to Starbucks Peppermint Mocha's. My family thinks I am crazy. The voices in my head say they may be right.

4 Thoughts on “This Post is Brought to You by Bullet Point

  1. I think I am running the 10k at Limestone too! We are for sure volunteering for the half this year as well. The 10k is really really hilly so I’m not totally decided I am taking it on, but we shall see. I ran it last year and enjoyed it, it’s a beautiful lakeside route. But then, last year I did the 10k and then 21k the nest morning so this year no matter what I am taking it easier!
    See you there!
    Kim recently posted…Canadian Military Kids in AprilMy Profile

  2. Our lives are so full but I love how they are fused together with passion for the fit life and our crazy fun friendship. I feel blessed and full of gratitude that we can share in each-others journey to greatness. Love ya girl!

  3. I can’t tell you how happy I was to see your name pop up with a new blog post. I have missed your posts, but I am SO happy to hear everything is going well and you have some incredibly exciting things ahead of you. xo
    Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles recently posted…Liebster Award (Part II)My Profile

  4. I literally squealed when I saw that you posted today!!! WELCOME BACK!!!!! You were so missed, my friend. I’m glad that everything is going so well! Congrats on the new house and the races coming up! (And on the new shoes that followed you home hehehe.) I actually just did get new shoes today. And I might be getting another pair too to add to the rotation (because I found them super cheap), but we will see. :)

    AHHHHH I’m SO GLAD you’re back!
    Salt recently posted…Card carrying member of R.S.H.A. {Running Shoe Hoarders Anonymous}My Profile

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